Here is the perfect example of a harmonious marriage between centuries-old traditions and modernism. The evolution, through time, of a people respectful and proud of its history. Take time to enjoy Muscat and its harbor that stretches along a beautiful coast of volcanic origins. An amazing site with striking landscapes. Do not miss, the small white houses of old Muscat and the austere volcanic rock of the surrounding mountains. The Grand Mosque of the Sultan Qaboos as well as its Opera House where meet influences from Andalusia to Syria, from Morocco to Central Asia and from Pakistan to Iran. Stop by the colorful souks of Muttrah, its souvenirs shops and displays of beautiful fabrics.


Mascate City Tour (4 hours)

With a private driver from your hotel, you are on your way to Muscat. You will start the day with a visit to the magnificent Sultan Qaboos Mosque, followed by Al Alam Palace, the official residence of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, ruler of Oman. After touring this architectural marvel, you will continue your visit to the Opera Royal House, followed by the Zubair Museum. Your tour will end on the crossing of the Corniche towards the Muttrah Souk, one of the most popular in the Middle East. Stroll through the maze of alleyways, attracting a myriad of wares from fabrics, oriental spices, to handmade perfumes and artifacts.


Mascate City Tour (8 hours)

Our private driver will pick you up at the foot of your hotel before taking the road to Muscat. First stop: the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, then the Al Alam Palace, residence of the ruler of Oman. After visiting the Opera Royal House and the Zubair Museum, and the Portuguese Jalili and Mirani Towers, you will stop at the Amwag Factory, a shop selling oriental perfumes. Afterwards, enjoy a relaxing time in one of the city’s many restaurants, before taking a boat trip to the Muttrah Souk, which is very famous in the UAE.